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A note from Phillip:

My roots run deep in our community. I was born and raised here. My wife and I have raised our boys here, with the same values and work ethic that our parents taught us. I am a man of my word and conviction. I am a man of faith and believe that there is no other way to live out the command given in scripture to “love God and love your neighbor” than to selflessly serve those around you. As a Chaplain with the Monrovia Fire Dept., Youth Leader and Worship Leader at my church, past Cubmaster, and past president with several pharmacy organizations, I believe in serving and making a difference. Now I want to do even more and bring my commitment to service to work for the people of my district and state. I want to serve as your next State Representative. I humbly ask for your support to serve as your next State Representative.

-Phillip Rigsby-

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